The Best Apps to Use on Your Next Business Trip

If your work requires you to take frequent trips to specific areas, then you would be well aware of the world of vacation homes and rentals. While these specific types of accommodations may be far from home, they do bring some level of residential comfort to you when you need it the most. In essence, they solve the issue of providing you with some well needed relief in terms of ambience. But like your own home, they cannot stay with you during your frequent travels to multiple locations. Therefore, you could do with some help in the travel assistance department. The following business travel apps help you get the most out of your tours.


The Best Apps to Use on Your Next Business Trip

Tired of lugging your baggage around on every trip? Perhaps you have lost a bag or two on your frequent travels and don’t want to go through the harrowing experience again? Then DUFL is the answer to your traveling woes. The service provided by DUFL is just as unique as its name. By signing up with the service, you would never have to pack or launder your clothes. Instead, you can schedule pickups from your departure location, and have the luggage waiting for you when you arrive at your destination – all fresh and clean. The service has been at work since 2015, which means that you can trust its credibility as well while handing over your items to it.


The Best Apps to Use on Your Next Business Trip

If you want some help in gathering your essentials, PackPoint could be of help. The app provides you with suggestions on what to pack and how much to pack based upon your travel location and the length of your trip. It takes weather, days, and activities into account, and could save you ample time in trying to decide what to pack. That feature also saves you from troubling situations where you have forgotten to pack the essentials (which can happen a lot with frequent travelers).


The Best Apps to Use on Your Next Business Trip

As a frequent traveler, you may find yourself in the need to book a number of flights on last minute notice. But you never want to spend more than you have to on those flights. That’s where SkyScanner comes into the picture. This app lets you see flight and booking information from a variety of airlines within seconds of your inquiry. With it, you can compare fare information at a glance, and go about booking the flight that seems to suits your budget while also not stopping at every other city on the way.


The Best Apps to Use on Your Next Business Trip

This app is one of the must have business travel apps for the frequent flyer, and not because it has a catchy name. FLIO is a powerhouse of an app that allows you to connect to multiple airports. Instead of having to contact your departure and delivery airports each time you travel, you could use FLIO to connect with any airport to check for flight times, available shops, and navigation help. All in all, FLIO serves as your local airport guide. It saves you the time, frustration and stress that it could take to boarding flight after flight.


The Best Apps to Use on Your Next Business Trip

LoungeBuddy is one of those travel crisis management apps that you need to have on your phone at all times. If your flight gets delayed by hours and you find yourself stuck on the airport, then instead of having to worry about passing the time while being stuck on an uncomfortable seat, you can book yourself into an airport lounge. The best part? You don’t even have to have a business class ticket to access such a lounge. This app lets you pay for your time instead. In case your ticket already qualifies you to use a nearby lounge, it ensures that you don’t have to pay for it.


This app could help you greatly in the travel expense tracking department. Gone are the days where you had to maintain your expenses in an analog journal or in an Excel sheet on your phone. With Concur, you cannot only record your expenses consistently, but can report them in real time if you connect your app to your employer or accountant. With an easy to use interface and a bundle of expense management capabilities, Concur could make your travels a breeze.

Google Trips

Google Trips is one of the best ways to plan your trips, to store essential information, and to get details on how to get from point A to point B in an unknown location. While the service is not as greatly marketed as the Google Assistant neither is it as popular as Google Maps, it does offer great functionality that stands at their level. This particular app acts as a virtual guide to your trips, with built-in integration for maps and helpful information for the particular location. It also helps you keep your reservation and local contact information in one place.

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