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The Best After Work Bars in Fresno

The bar scene in Fresno offers a diverse selection of stylish lounges, wine bars, sports bars, and dive bars that are favorite spots to hang out with friends after work. Here are some of the best bars Fresno has to offer. Enjoy! Vino & Friends Bistro If you love wine and like to sample different […]

11/15/2018 | by Michael | California Local Area

How To Make A Short Term Rental Feel Like Home

Short term rentals are very useful as you may travel for work or for leisure. This is a great way to take a temporary job, go on vacation or find out if a given area is right for you and your family. If you’re staying in short term housing, you may be wondering how to […]

11/13/2018 | by Michael | Vacation Rentals

Things To Do On The Big Island With An Extended Stay

Extend Your Stay On The Big Island From A to Z! According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 3 Americans don’t sleep enough. If your smartphone stays on 24/7, you know what this means: you need a vacation. No quick weekend in Vegas. A real vacation—-one that can only be […]

10/30/2018 | by Michael | Big Island Hawaii Local Area Vacation Rentals

Things To Do In Fresno With An Extended Stay

Named after the abundant ash trees by the San Joaquin River, Fresno is a city in Central California’s Fresno County that’s often been called “The Best Little City in the USA.” Although not as popular as Los Angeles or San Francisco, Fresno has many historical sites and natural wonders worthy of an extended trip. If […]

10/16/2018 | by Michael | California Local Area Vacation Rentals

The Best Bike Trails Near LA To Explore

Cliffs, Canyons and Carousels: The Best Bike Trails in Los Angeles It might seem like the height of urban sprawl, but the truth is that L.A. has plenty of green places, too. It also has lots of sandy shores and rugged canyons. If you’d like to explore these picturesque locations on your favorite 10-speed, here […]

10/09/2018 | by Michael | California Local Area Vacation Rentals

Things To Do In El Segundo With An Extended Stay

The Golden State. California is well known for its weather, beaches, cities, celebrities, and even winter sports. Nestled in Southern California in Los Angeles County is El Segundo. It means “The Second” in English and it is in a prime location for vacation or extended stay. It’s close to beaches, Los Angeles, and many other […]

09/18/2018 | by Michael | California El Segundo Local Area Vacation Rentals