How To Make A Short Term Rental Feel Like Home

Short term rentals are very useful as you may travel for work or for leisure. This is a great way to take a temporary job, go on vacation or find out if a given area is right for you and your family. If you’re staying in short term housing, you may be wondering how to make “just a rental” feel like home. The good news? Lots of little touches can really add up to a cozy, warm, clean and bright space that invites relaxation for as long as you stay there.

Put Up Pictures

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Pictures of all kinds are an easy way to add color and light to any space without the need to spend lots of money. Modern methods make it easy to hang pictures without making a single hole in the walls. Think about your favorite types of art and find prints that show off what you like best. Family pictures that mean something to you are also ideal. A series of family portraits set on top of the stairs greets you when you get home and makes the spaces inside much more personal.

Add Rugs

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Rugs come in various sizes, shapes, colors and textures. They’re extremely easy to keep on hand and store when not in use. Rugs are also useful all year long. In summer, a canvas floor cloth can be draped across the kitchen tiles. Spring is ideal for a colorful rug with a floral pattern. When winter comes along, bring out the thick wool rugs. Use them to offset drafts, add extra warmth in the bedroom and make the rental feel like home.

Hang Curtains

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Curtains can be set up in any room in the space. Like rugs, they come in many colors and fabrics. Set up sheers in the living room during the summer to preserve privacy while still allowing in light and air. Heavy velvet curtains are a wonderful choice in the colder months. They add lustrous sheen and a sense of luxury. Use them in front of screens to help add additional layers of elegance. Match with existing fabrics in the room such as cotton or silk.

Create an Indoor Herb Garden

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Fresh herbs are colorful, healthy and easy to grow in many spaces. Create an herb garden in your rental housing kitchen. Gather a small selection of pots and plant some of your favorite seeds on a shelf in one corner of the kitchen with plenty of sunlight. Easy to grow herbs include basil, oregano and parsley. Snip them as desired to add delicious touches to any meal.

Use Statement Lighting

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Change out the ordinary fixtures in the room for something more innovative. Lighting adds not only the ability to see better, it also adds tremendous style. Use colored bulbs to help add some fun. Put in a brass lamp in the living room that says come inside right now. Scatter small lamps in varied corners. The goal is to make sure that each room has interesting lighting options.

Bring In Texture

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Texture is an easy way to add detail. Varied kinds of texture can be found in different types of furnishings, wall hangings and linens. A soft silky throw put across the sofa adds another layer of texture. Velvet throw pillows are easy on the eyes and feel great for a short Sunday afternoon nap. Use a table runner in a washable fabric like cotton in the breakfast nook to make it pop with color. Pile on the linens in the bedrooms. Softly textured linens are easy to find and can be changed out as the season change. Place handmade fabric like a homemade quilt on the bed or on the walls for something truly eye catching and full of homey textural appeal.

Use Color

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Any space should have a clear and well thought out color story. Color is a way to make the space the renter’s own. If the renter can paint the walls, consider using bright colors like apricot, lavender and green. If not, there’s lots of ways to add varied colors in any space. Place cushions on the chairs in interesting patterns. Take inspiration from the surrounding area. A beach home benefits from a simple turquoise, white and dark blue theme. A home in the mountains can use colors like vivid emeralds and deep browns seen right outside the renter’s windows.

Pare Things Down

Making a rental feel like home can also be done by paring things down to the essentials. A few well chosen objects like the renter’s favorite sheet set are often enough to remind them of home and make the rooms even lovelier. The owner’s favorite china can be stored along a built-in cabinet for an easy way to transform the kitchen. The goal should be to showcase the home’s best features. A renter might want to call attention to a lovely view, a cozy attic, the bay windows and the fireplace. All it takes are a few well chosen accessories and any temporary rental space can feel instantly inviting and just like home.